The Spirit Sublim'

Sublim Spirits are developed exclusively from fruit from Reunion's agriculture.
Of healthy fruit with good maturity are being natural and spontaneous fermentation. After months of fermentations, fermented fruits are distilled with an elaboratealembic allowing a triple distillation.
Only the middle cut is kept then be quiet for a year before the final assembly, filtration and bottling.

Artisanal agricultural rum

This agricultural rum is elaborated with a pink cane close the candy cane. Flavorful, it was purchased from Mr. Fabrice LAMOLY under organic farming in conversion.

The Mistelles

Definition: A mistelle (Italian misto, "mixed"), or wine liquor, is a sweet alcoholic beverage obtained by mixing of wort (unfermented juice) fresh fruit and alcohol to get an Assembly grading at approximately 17 degrees. This process is called the mutage: this added alcohol will kill the naturally occurring yeast in the wort, and this prevent any fermentation and preserve the aroma and the sugar of the fruit.


The Liqueur is a base of spirit associated with a fruit syrup or spices.