Les eaux de vie Sublim'

Sublim’ spirits are developed exclusively from Reunion’s fruits orchards.
Of healthy fruits with good maturity are being natural and spontaneous fermentation. After months of frementations,the fermented fruits are distilled with an elaborate alembic still allowing a triple distillation.
Only the core  preserved in glass container for a year before the wedding, filtration and bottling.

  • RHUM SOLSTICES 50 cl 58%vol

    Le Rhum solstices est élévé en amphore grès pendant 6 mois Mise en amphore le 22 décembre 2019 et sortis le 20 juin 2020. L'amphore va permettre une belle oxygénation du rhum ce qui amplifie la saveur aromatique de la canne et la typicité du terroir.

  • Sublim' Canne

    This artisanal rum comes from a very fragrant pink cane, which comes from Mr. Fabrice LAMOLY.

  • Sublim' Ananas

    All flavors of Victoria pineapples are available through this brandy. The wooded heart of the first nose, the delicacy of the pulp in the mouth, Sublim Pineapple persists in the mouth and reveals its strength ...

  • Sublim' Banane

    Banana aromas with flamed bananas and dried banana is characterized by a clean nose and a good mouthfeel.

  • Sublim' Mangue

    The softness of a ballad in the heart of a mangueraie flowered. The first very floral nose was confirmed with the appetizer. The assembly of two mangoes, one very aromatic and sweetness of the flesh of the other, allows a balance.

  • Sublim' Letchee

    Delicious nose and intense attack
    flavored and floral 
    mouth fragrant sensation
    and balanced.

  • Sublim' Goyavier

    Les goyaviers proviennent de la Plaine des Palmistes et du cœur de la forêt primaire de Bébour, Bélouve.
    Nez : baie rose, girofle, sous-bois
    Bouche : La bouche confirme le nez, les arômes de baies roses mélangés au girofle laissent place au cumin, puis aux arômes de sous-bois (mousse, fougères).

  • Sublim' Tangor

    The Tangor is a citrus, conciliatory the orange strength and sweetness of tangerine.
    Aromatic strength and persistence amazing mouth.
    Its aromatic persistence allows very interesting mixes for cocktails and cuisine.

  • Sublim' Cerise de Bourbon Pointu

    We use the coffee cherry from the cooperative of Cafe Bourbon Pointu. Once the coffee bean removed we take care of the pulp which is slightly sweet naturely, then we make fermentation and then distillation.